NSU370 Sanitise Pro

A high-pressure misting disinfection system, the NSU370 Sanitise Pro delivers 99.999% efficiency in inactivating and destroying pathogens. Designed and specified for extended professional use by any user across all industries and environments for consistent results and long-life reliability.

Powered by a high-performance 217psi fluid pump designed for extended use, the NSU370 is simple to use with a high-pressure quick drying consistent mist, Stainless Steel nozzle and easy use hand-trigger. Resulting in a consistent dispersion pattern for reliable disinfection results and even distribution increasing coverage performance and drying in under 10 minutes.

The NSU370 provides a huge 5L capacity with convenient and secure internal solution tank that?s easy to use and out of the way during use with an extra-reach hose perfect for staircase and handrails.

Single-step cleaning and disinfection solution for all, in any environment. Delivering the combination of excellent antimicrobial properties with unparalleled non-corrosive performance. 99.999% effective in inactivating / destroying pathogens when using complete NSU370 System. System comprises NSU370 Mist Unit applying TECcare Control Disinfectant Solution.

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